Why Us

At Arbor Breeze we strive to provide the best Air Care Solution service and production in the business of HVAC Ann Arbor. We can achieve this by maintaining our employees and our customers as our greatest assets. Without our customers, we would have no business and without healthy, happy employees we would have no service or production. We believe that by following these core values we will be able to deliver the highest quality services to meet your highest satisfaction.

Stewarding Our Results Well

We believe that if we use our resources we can help our employees, our HVAC Ann Arbor customers as well as our community near and far to achieve their goals in Arbor Breeze. We ensure that our employees, as well as our goals, align with the direction we are heading. By doing this we are able to operate more efficiently and effectively which in turn lowers our cost of operation. This directly affects our pricing, our salaries, and our giving. When we are able to give back to the community more generously it promotes conditions that will ultimately benefit us because there will be a more healthy population who are better equipped to handle daily obstacles that come their way. This expands our base of employees as well as our base of customers. We can achieve positive growth within our company as well as in our community.

Our Integrity

We believe that competition is important for the continued growth of our industry in providing HVAC Ann Arbor as well as society as a whole in the Arbor Breeze Heating & Cooling company. That being said the win at all cost͟ mindset left unchecked by a lack of conscience will in the end only lead to an unsustainable course for achievement. We don’t want to ͞crush͟ the competition a great competitor today could be a great partner tomorrow. This will extend into the quality of the work that we do. When we come to your house and assess and work that needs to be done we will not make our recommendations based on any financial goals of our own. We will work as your advocate and we will explain things anyway that you can understand so that you can choose the option that best suits your circumstances. We believe that accountability is the best way to ensure that you are getting your needs met. Our HVAC Ann Arbor service technicians will be responsible for the work they do and especially the way that they do it. In turn, our management team will be held accountable for providing the resources to our technicians that they need to provide the best service for you.


Our Experience

We have over 30 years in the Customer Service & Heating & Cooling industry having hands-on experience with service, remodel new construction as well as Light Commercial building projects and maintenance for HVAC Ann Arbor. We have the expertise to handle just about any air quality related issue that comes our way. We use this as an opportunity to train the next generation of HVAC service technicians which allows us to be available to serve you well into the future. The benefits of the length, as well as the diversity of our experience, enhance our ability to not only know the potential pitfalls but the more efficient and durable methods to complete necessary tasks that will best resolve the problem at hand. Being able to pull from this knowledge and experience, when we do encounter an issue that we never have before we are able to translate that into a method will get us beyond the problem at hand. Included in our resources and our experience is the relationships that we have built with the local leaders of the industry. These relationships allow us to have access to services or material that may not otherwise be available for HVAC Ann Arbor.



When our HVAC Ann Arbor employees show up at your door, there will be no doubt who we are. We have professionally lettered and equipped trucks as well as company uniforms. So you know exactly it was ringing your doorbell or entering your building. You can count that while we are on the job site our Behavior will reflect our core beliefs. When we leave or are finished with our job it will be better or cleaner and how we found it. We strive for a positive customer experience every day, every time. By promoting a culture of professionalism we have a method to handle unfortunate circumstances in a manner that will lead to a more effective solution. This core value will not only give you the peace of mind to know that you are going to be taken care of it also gives our service technicians the assurance they will have someone to back them up when they run into situations that they may not be able to successfully overcome by themselves. These situations will always be there as professionals they need to be able to recognize when there are conditions that are beyond our ability to deal with. By having a culture of professionalism, they will know that their fellow HVAC Ann Arbor employees will be there to lend them a helping hand when they need it. This, in turn, will leave you with a better quality of work.

Our Warranty

All of these core values are held to be true by our warranty. We believe we are the best in the business of HVAC Ann Arbor. We offer 1-year warranties on all repairs and two-year warranties on all major installations. When you buy any Heating & Cooling appliance or Air Quality Product through us that we install we will back up the manufacturer’s warranty with our labor warranty. So if there is any kind of failure in the product in the future you can count that we will be there to resolve the matter at no additional charge to you. We can only provide this by having the resources, the diligence, the integrity and the knowledge that we need to be there when you need us. Call the best in Ann Arbor Communities today to get your free quote! We are here helping to build the world we want to live in.