About Us

Your Premier Choice for Ann Arbor HVAC Repair

Arbor Breeze Mechanical is a fully Licensed and Insured, local family-owned HVAC Ann Arbor service solutions company. We were established in 2014 with a mission in mind to promote professional relationships in our communities that we serve by providing honest & sincere service to address client’s needs. We consider ourselves, not as a repair or sales company, but as a solutions provider for our friends and neighbors in Ann Arbor, Saline, Canton and surrounding communities. We bring experience and expertise that comes from being in the Customer Service industry, more than 32 years ensuring exceptional results and remedies unlike any other company. We know this to be the case because of our extensive experience within and around the industry for many decades now. When you choose to work with us for your next air conditioning or heating need, you will not be disappointed.

Arbor Breeze was established with a vision to be the company unlike any other HVAC Ann Arbor companies out there. Our goal is to be a company that is one with the community. When you call us we won’t send an HVAC salesman͟ trained in all of the latest sales tactics. Instead, we will send a highly qualified and vetted service technician who can diagnose your problem and offer a solution that best fits your greatest needs. We want to be known as a trusted community focused group, one that you can count on from this year to the next, not a company out for revenue gains with no or little customer service focus that will give you a feeling of buyer’s remorse. Call us today to work with a company you can trust!

Our Core Values

We want to provide personal HVAC Ann Arbor services that are unique to our customer’s needs. There is not a one size fits all approach that can be used when you come to the place of having a heating and cooling problem addressed. We will approach every service concern or inquiry with an open mind to understand the situation to offer a solution that is uniquely yours. Too many contractors out and about right now are too focused on the depth of your pockets over the depth of your trust in them. We want to be the ones that flip that notion upside down on its head and treat you the way it ought to be done. We operate in what is literally called the service industry so it should be second nature that the work we do has a primary focus on serving you our clients and customers. Oftentimes we run into situations where this couldn’t have been further from the truth and have to come fix the problem that should have been fixed the first time. We don’t blame the other guys so much as we use these experiences to fuel and motivate how we choose to operate as being different from the rest of our peers. When it comes to our values and everything we do related to HVAC Ann Arbor we can confidently tell you that you will be satisfied with the work we do. Guaranteed.


If you have a simple service issue related to HVAC Ann Arbor, we can have you get up and running in a timely & cost-effective fashion. We believe that every customer deserves professional service delivered in a respectful and timely manner. Being a commercial or residential project, our values and integrity will not waver. We achieve this by treating all of our employees as our most valuable asset. They will, in turn, treat each and every customer with the highest level of respect. We ensure this within our team because we recognize the very real fact that without our customers we quite literally do not have a business. Read for yourself why we are a great fit and go check out our reviews left by past customers to hear it from them!


If you have a more complex or detailed project like remodel, new service, or air quality demand, we won’t be pushy or try to upsell you on something that you really do not need. We will explain the pros, cons and potential pitfalls of the issues at hand, and will help you to make the decision that is best for you. But the decision is not yours, we will not coerce you by way of fear when it comes to your HVAC Ann Arbor.

This Is What We Believe:

We believe in holding ethics and integrity to the highest standard every time we send any member of our team out to do work on HVAC Ann Arbor. We promote continuing education and training with our team in the latest technologies to ensure appropriate remedy diagnosis not fast sales offerings. With how much technology has advanced in the last few years even we know that without training, our team would have literally no idea how to get some work done. With continuing education, we can serve you with confidence at a level that shows up in the level of quality in many areas that we frequently see within our beloved HVAC trade.

Our commitment is to our clients and the communities to which we serve. This includes and encompasses cost & energy savings to our clients to aid in the reduction of our carbon footprint for a healthier environment. This also typically results in dollars back in your own pockets as well! We want to serve you through our work in HVAC Ann Arbor and not to ever take advantage of you. This is something that you can be completely confident is the truth. Please read more about these sentiments on our Why Us page of our website as well and give us a call to walk through why we do what we do with our company and what we can do for you.

We promise honesty and integrity as our driving factor and measure of our success. If we do not provide the highest level of quality with our HVAC Ann Arbor service then we have not done our job and we are not finished until you are satisfied. At Arbor Breeze, we work for you!